Pheromone Wine

This wine is a one of a kind and will set the trend for future brands and ingenious problem-solving delivery systems for CBD, CBG and THC.

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Sourcing only the highest quality ingredients, including whole plant spectrum distillate CBD with 0% THC ( 20mg per 750ml ), raw, natural Fynbos honey sourced from around the Western Cape peninsular & biodiversity farmed grapes.

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Why we made the decision to infuse our wine with CBD Honey.

The Queen Bee regulates and controls her hive using Pheromones. These Pheromones also tell the community she is alive and healthy, making this the obvious choice for our name.

As trend-setters, we decided to marry our three passions. In doing so created a luxurious, environmentally sustainable red wine. Sourcing only the best ingredients, culminating in a high-quality CBD, Honey and Red wine infused Elixir like beverage.

Wine has been considered the liquid precursor to sensual pleasure, this inspired us, and with that decided on our own interpretation of an easy drinking, well balanced, sophisticated wine. Exuding the perfume of raw honey, the sensual soothing effects of CBD and the rich undertones of the finest red berries making it a well-rounded and truly satisfying choice..

In sourcing the CBD ingredient to be blended with the best honey, we chose to work with the leading brand in CBD products in South Africa. With quality and service as the cornerstone of their business, products are manufactured from the highest quality medical grade, organically grown and controlled Hemp, which is now legal and found in health stores, chemists and even at your local vet. CBD has a plethora of healthy effects on the body and brain.

Cape Town has an abundance of exceptional wine estates where we chose a wine maker who sourced grapes from biodiversity -friendly farmed vineyards in the search for the perfect blend. We eventually decided to marry the best blends from Stellenbosch and the already blended CBD Honey making for a tantalizing experience. With low sulphur content and the antihistamine effects of CBD infused honey this wine reduces most allergens.

Together we have created Pheromone. A wine comprising of honey and CBD making it safe to drink and giving you a healthy dose of the relaxing tranquility of CBD and a hint of the sweet, holistic effects of honey. Using our combined knowledge and resources we have sourced only the best quality ingredients from biodiverse farming methods and environmentally sustainable and ethical practices to create Pheromone Wine. This wine is created by one of South Africa’s top award winning winemakers.

Pheromone Honey

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A very simple and obvious creation, pure golden Honey, infused with the best CBD and packaged with our gorgeous pheromone branding. All falling in line with the honey and CBD infusion idea, it has eventually come to fruition. Pheromone having registered trademarks, this product is ready for the local and export market.

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